AX&P - Mutiny & Disorder

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  • Adam X & Perc is a techno collaboration heavy enough to make a crater. For decades, Adam X has been holding down industrial techno with a New York perspective (though he now resides in Berlin), while Perc is the face of a new generation of UK producers who evoke the country's grey skies and brutalist architecture. Mutiny & Disorder isn't the first time they've convened—it follows a workmanlike self-titled EP from 2013. The duo return with a vengeance for this one, highlighting some of the more exaggerated aspects of their like-minded approaches. The most striking part of "Mutiny" is the vocal ("Into the battle / We don't follow your rules of engagement"), hissed like a tense moment from a vintage Ministry track. The duo give it an industrial backing: kicks slam and wobble forcefully, and the chords are almost orchestral. It's almost overblown, but "Mutiny" sounds like the duo enjoying themselves, playfulness from artists responsible for some of the more dour dance music out there. "Disorder" is more conventional, but there's something viscerally satisfying about how the chords grind against distorted drums, like a saw cutting through metal. It doesn't have the cheeky edge of "Mutiny," but it's still rock solid. Collaborations like these are bound to set high standards, but with their second go at it, Adam X & Perc are nearly there.
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      A Mutiny B Disorder