Various ­- 47004

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  • Berlin's Arena Club has become a neat spot for underground techno in the capital. Dystopian and Grounded Theory, two of the city's main techno parties, call the venue home, as does Tommy Four Seven's 47 series. Every edition of that party has a corresponding four-track compilation, each with a T47 production. 47004 recalls an event from last November, when masked man SNTS joined UVB and newcomer Shards for a shadowy romp until dawn. Tommy Four Seven has kept his opening gambits tough and industrious so far. Here, "Scene 4" has a steely feel and a slow build that's heavy on drama. Shards, who's continually shown he does as he pleases, gives us more subversive sound design in "Frsvnfrsvnfrsvn." Squeaky melodies, pummeling breaks and bass grumbles combine in this gnarled drive to the floor. "Move On" is more of UVB's tribal techno, crashing about on a higher plane for the duration. A shimmering serotonin trip that keeps collapsing on itself, it's the kind of tune that makes the Berlin-based Frenchman worth keeping tabs on. SNTS closes with one of his haunted ambient sojourns. As with his 2015 album, "Disappearance Of Fate" is all swirling mists, swollen rhythms and unnerving macabre.
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      A1 Tommy Four Seven - Scene 4 A2 Shards - FRSVNFRSVNFRSVN B1 UVB - Move On B2 SNTS - Disappearance Of Fate