Endgame - Savage EP

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  • The explosion of grime-informed club music in the past two years has been just that: explosive. Producers from around the world have taken strands from regional sounds and fashioned them into club weapons. Breaking glass, metal thrusts, gut-punch drums—violence and short, sharp shocks are fundamental tenets, which can make the sound thrilling. But the nuances of the genres these producers borrow from, like the lilt and sway of dancehall or dembow, can get lost in the commotion. Endgame pulls things in a different direction. The UK producer debuted last year on fledgling label Golden Mist Records, releasing an EP that emphasized spaciousness and melody. He goes a step further on Savage, giving New York's Purple Tape Pedigree their strongest release yet. There's something almost happy-go-lucky about "Savage Riddim" and its bouncy dancehall gait. Part of that comes down to Endgame's sound palette: tracks are made of bright mallets, strings and chimes, softer MIDI sounds that cushion the blow of harder elements, or at least make them feel less jagged. "XOX" focuses on nylon-textured strings, riffing on them to add some welcome funk. The sparser "1 Night Riddim" hisses quietly like a trap tune trying to sneak by unnoticed, showcasing Endgame's talent for streamlining angular rhythms. He saves the best for last with "NXN," which sways like a drunk. Endgame turns his hectic arrangement into something that sounds natural and airy. It's a great way to end what should be a breakout EP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Savage Riddim A2 1 Night Riddim B1 XOX B2 NXN