Garrett David & Adam Rowe - Now That We Are Here, Where Are We?

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  • Seasoned operators in Chicago's house scene, Garrett David and Adam Rowe have been making records together for a few years. The first was Hotel Garma, an EP of signature hometown sounds reassembled into neat rhythmic furrows and introspective moods. Sweat The Detail followed, marrying the bittersweet melodies of the first record with feather-light percussion that twitched with an electro pulse. Now That We Are Here, Where Are We? is the first record David and Rowe have put out under their own names, and it's their most distinctive EP yet. The panning chords on "Full Mood" and the wandering synth melody of "Sound Space" seem to inspire a slew of ideas. On other house tracks, those parts might take centre stage, but here they're rivaled by supple bass, lilting organs, finely diced vocals and other delicate details. David & Rowe let every part of their mix have its moment. After "Space Jam"'s ambient interlude, two versions of "Summit" reveal subtle differences. "Summit (Smashed Mix)" has a couple of short, synth-led breakdowns that make it more disruptive than the "Smoov Mix," whose buoyant rhythm is designed to keep dance floors afloat. No doubt you'll have a hard time deciding which you prefer.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Sound Space A2 Full Mood A3 Space Jam B1 Summit (Smoov Mix) B2 Summit (Smashed Mix)