Various ­- Habitat Part III

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  • Five years after its formation, Krill Music could have rightly used its tenth release to look back and take stock. But Habitat Part III continues in the vein of its predecessor, forging ahead with four fresh names on the bill. Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev opens the tracklist with the wild-eyed and aptly titled "How To Deal With A Bad Trip." Most of his output sounds like a bad trip—exceptionally crafted ones, that is, drafted from deep intuition and otherworldly experiences between a man and his machines. Here, Tolkachev gets straight to work, delivering one of the most psychotic ascensions you can imagine. It's a sweaty and panic-stricken ride: the kick pounds like a heart about to burst, while synths squeal out the obvious terror. And just as things start to feel normal again, "Bad Trip" takes another hit, releasing a cheeky acid gurgle in its final seconds. Berlin-based I/Y keeps keeps things at boiling point with "IUD," and +Plattform takes the pressure off on "Signal," which opts for a slow-burn that's no less deadly. Finally, Dutchman Stefan Vincent proves that poise and hypnosis make potent collaborators in his long, cool and minimal excursion. Habitat Part III might raise more questions about where Krill Music is headed, but that seems like precisely the point.
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      A1 Stanislav Tolkachev - How To Deal With A Bad Trip A2 I/Y - IUD B1 +Plattform - Signal B2 Stefan Vincent - No Other Way But Down