Legowelt - Sampling Winter

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  • With Unknown To The Unknown, Danny Wolfers has found his match. Both entities press up records like it's part of their daily routine; their process and product are equally reliable. Wolfers' Legowelt tracks for the label have been some of his most natural, full of the evocative cosmic synths and thick textures associated with that alias. Immensity Of Cosmic Space was one of Wolfers' best EPs in a while, and with Sampling Winter, he delivers a record nearly as good. "Sampling Winter" is regulation Legowelt, built from familiar elements—rollicking drum loops, musty organs and sci-fi synths—in a familiar way. Fans of Wolfers' schtick will eat it right up, and it's hard to find fault in the music outside of predictability. The flipside, "Beach Oceano," starts out much the same, until the bassline shudders and shakes, asserting itself more violently than usual. Ditto to the way Wolfers layers the synths, like streamers curling around the track until it's draped in dense, oversaturated colour. "Beach Oceano" is a reminder of how Wolfers can build on sounds that could easily fall into cliché, and Sampling Winter is another welcome entry into two dense and overwhelming discographies.
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      A Sampling Winter B Beach Oceano