Vakula - Modulations EP

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  • Modulations sounds like the work of a seasoned techno producer, but in fact it comes from Vakula, a master of low-slung, psychedelic house. In his machine-like sound palette, the Ukrainian producer uses lashing hi-hats to lend an urgency to humid basslines, crackling textures and percussive tweaks. The tracks seem to be squeezed into small, uncomfortable spaces. "Modulation 03" is especially cramped, with its clunks and thuds evoking a noisy engine room. The siren that arrives later further enhances the EP's sense of disrepair. "Modulation 01" also bears Vakula's customary strangeness, like the sound of a soldering iron searing an acid bassline. There's more of the same on "Modulation 02," where a flat Reese bassline crushes a needling melody. After you emerge from the rat's maze of the first three, "Modulation 04" feels panoramic in comparison. It's the only one here with a clear melody, and with percussion that feels loose and relaxed against the pulsing bass. The track is certainly fun, but loses its edge when it escapes from the EP's repressive environment.
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      A1 Modulation 01 A2 Modulation 02 B1 Modulation 03 B2 Modulation 04