Heiko Laux - Klockworks 17

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  • A Berlin-based techno producer whose releases span more than two decades, Heiko Laux has been a staple of Ben Klock's record bag for a while. One factor behind Laux's longevity is an uncommon versatility. Records like There Is No Return and Souldancer came out within a year of each other ('97 and '98), but their contents sound polarised. Still, it took a chance encounter on a flight to make Klockworks 17 happen. It's telling that these tracks recall the warm analogue glow of Laux's '90s material. The "Acid Mix" of "Dry Me" pairs a two-note phrase with chopping orchestral synth chords, while the original has a neat hum of white noise instead of pulsing 303 lines. Both versions take similar routes to get to where they're going, but the textural changes in the "Acid Mix" are more dynamic and appealing. With only shakers, hi-hats and a downbeat string of toms in its beat, "Savannah" sounds almost weightless, held together by a viscous synth loop that flows through the expanse. It's an elegant addition to Laux's EP, and likely to find itself at the beginning of more than a few techno sets.
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      A1 Savannah A2 Dry Me (Acid Mix) B1 Dry Me