Tiger & Woods - Scoring Clubs Pt. 2

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  • It would be a stretch to call Tiger & Woods superstars, but for a publicity-shy duo who made their name putting out white-label disco edits, they're remarkably famous in dance music circles. DJs who play boogie and disco likely own at least one Tiger & Woods 12-inch, probably Gin Nation, the Imagination-sampling hit from their 2011 Running Back debut. Since then, the majority of their music has mined pop, R&B and disco from the '80s onwards, and the results are regularly irresistible. One thing about Tiger & Woods records, though, is that they all seem to be assembled in similar ways. In particular, their tart disco bass and sliced vocal yelps are recurring hallmarks. The first few minutes of "Boca" suggest a tweak to the formula: the duo leave out their shag-pile-thick basslines, letting the cosmic vocals ride on a jangling drum track. After four minutes, a big synth riff introduces itself and a smooth piano helps propel it all to euphoric heights. "Boca" stands as one of Tiger & Woods' most distinctive DJ tools. The duo stick to time-tested methods on "No More Talking," a seven-minute edit squarely rooted in good-time disco guitar and accompanied by childlike vocals and a rich string section. Tiger & Woods' trademark sound isn't necessarily in need of fixing, but Scoring Clubs Pt. 2 does refresh it.
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      A Boca B No More Talking