Clouds - Timeslip Roadmender

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  • Variety has never been a primary concern for Liam Robertson and Calum Macleod, the Glaswegian pair behind Clouds. Only their Tannhauser Acid Works series ever veered from the relentless techno pummel that defined records like Man Out Of Dubs and Ghost Systems Rave. True to form, Robertson and Macleod double down on rugged warehouse rollers for Timeslip Roadmender, their first release with Electric Deluxe, cranking up the mechanized clatter and industrial fumes. "Coast Range Arc" offers the most breathing room in its tunneled rhythm, so much that you can distinctly make out metal-on-metal FX and devilish intonations. Then there's "Castres Olympique," which actually let's in some light through a soft-glowing synth pattern. For all their neat modular squiggles and drum patterns, "Maverick Scrabble" and "Polgate Slamen" do little to stand out. Everything on Timeslip Roadmender is reliable, burly and slightly left-of-center, but for Clouds, that's just business as usual.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Maverick Scrabble A2 Castres Olympique B1 Coast Range Arc B2 Polgate Slamen