Fhloston Paradigm - Cosmosis Vol. 2

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  • If Fhloston Paradigm's Cosmosis Vol. 1 got "back to basics" for the sci-fi- and synth-themed King Britt project, then Vol. 2 confidently stays there. This second installment of the Philadelphia native's series follows the format of one techno track on the A-side and two beatless pieces on the flip, and Britt is once again in top form. In fact, "Nimoy" might one-up the jittery thrust of "Sonic Six," tapping into a cosmic, off-kilter groove somewhere between dubstep and dub techno. The icing on that one's cake is a sawtooth bassline that creeps in to carry it all to the starry expanse above. Vol. 2 gets Vangelisian on the B-side, a turn from the hi-def synth experiments of "Faith" and "Past." Instead, "Return" and "The Hour" are more tuneful, almost symphonic, and the style befits Fhloston Paradigm. But for all the poignant melody and rich texture, what makes these tracks stand out most is their smart use of rhythm. Britt crafts an entrancing syncopation from the multi-layered synth patterns in "The Hour," never losing sight of their interactions through every flux and phase. "Return" throbs with the steady pulse of rolling, three-note bass arps. It's hard not to wonder what would happen with a beat under these tracks, though that would probably just undermine their impeccable composition.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nimoy B1 Return B2 The Hour