Perc ­- Ma

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  • Last we heard from Perc on Stroboscopic Artefacts was his "especially tame" remix of Chevel's "Heimweh." That same year, Ali Wells joined up with Danny Passarella for a David Cronenberg-inspired soundtrack EP, Videodrome, which also left his brutality at the door. Instead, it was broody and dark, instilling fear and panic in a much more psychological sense. Which is also true of Ma, a poised techno psych-out designed to unravel us from within. "Death Of Rebirth" opens with dissonance and a throbbing 4/4 pulse. It's doomy and unsettling with metal clanging all around. "Negative Space" opts for an even more venomous kick, while haunted-house pianos and strange collisions ring out their threats. "Ma" rattles erratically into life. It takes up 12 spine-chilling minutes, with searing machine noises and metallic hits that reverberate, moan and squeal. There's a great live feel to "Ma," but it tends to get lost in itself, leaving the rest of us behind. Overall, the EP is a decent leap out of the box for Perc, even if he goes too far with the title track.
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      A1 The Death Of Rebirth A2 Negative Space B1 Ma