Brendon Moeller - The Return

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  • It seems effortless for Brendon Moeller to make a good dub record. In ten years, there's hardly a track that doesn't effectively deliver his take on crisp drums, deep basslines and cold, vaporous atmospheres. But in recent times, his functional grooves edge towards something headier and more intense, especially on The Return. On Moeller's return to Third Ear after seven years, things get more trippy, as the producer plays with some of his coarsest textures yet. The A-side shows Moeller in standard mode. "Ode To The Basement" is dubwise techno at a whisper, built on subtle shifts and drums that pound into powder. "Blowback" has the same dubby familiarity, but is less surprising—tightly wound percussion patterns make for a zippy and muscular DJ tool. The B-side goes further out there, and to more memorable effect. The restrained drums of "Dude On Arrival" trudge through a windswept and corroded world, while "Complete Disregard" slogs around brutal machine sounds. As the track's title suggests, that one is all over the place, but a heavy, hypnotic swing still makes it easy to be absorbed.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ode To The Basement A2 Blowback B1 Dude On Arrival B2 Complete Disregard