DLSK - Subterraneans EP

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  • Daniel Stefanik knows how dance floors work. He's been making functional house for more than a decade, with a special knack for fun music for DJs who like it lean. But the German's tracks are also melodic enough to give them wide appeal, having been rinsed by everyone from Ed Davenport and Marco Resmann to Raresh. So far, Stefanik hasn't been big on aliases, using his birth name for nearly all of his 20-odd solo releases since debuting in 2005. As such, the first record under his new DLSK moniker is a big moment. Titled Subterraneans, the EP landed on Raum...musik in November, and sees Stefanik stretch out with two subtle house cuts packing just the right amount of flair. There's a significant gap in energy between the tunes, making them tools for very different uses. "Sense Of Doubt" is the trippiest, centred on a long, in-your-face synth note that comes in and out of the frame for most of the track's 13-minute duration. It's ambitious yet never feels overbearing, and is easy to imagine working magic on bleary-eyed ravers at the end of the night. "Subterraneans" is more drum-focussed and a tad bouncier, built with a big bassline and punchy percussion. Cue it up when the party is in full effect.
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      A Sense Of Doubt B Subterraneans