Sciahri - Behind The Line

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  • As a solo artist and half of Unknot, Sciahri prefers chunky, stout sounds. In spite of that, his brand of techno is detail-oriented; every little element is highlighted in bold. Mysterious Love, the Italian producer's 2014 debut on Ilian Tape, was promising, but Behind The Line is what really sets him apart. Released on Black Opal, the record is the label's strongest release since XOSAR's Let Go, a collection of fluid techno draped in gorgeous colours and textures. The skeletons of Sciahri's tracks always feel like they're submerged in something, from the early morning mist of opener "Eremite" to the the gooey viscosity of "Ambiguity" to the earthier "Sublunar," where a gritty bassline scatters over the canvas like digital dirt. His tunes are rarely as simple as they first seem, changing and evolving over their runtimes: "Eremite" introduces squiggly IDM synths, while "Sublunar" isolates its dulcet chimes for a stunning breakdown. On "Paranoia," Sciahri shows that he can also finesse his formula into something tough. He keeps his heady concoction just below a boil, crafting the kind of pressurized thump that would turn your techno dungeon of choice that much sweatier. Behind The Line is wonderfully balanced, tinkering with its functional and dynamic formula to make all four tracks interesting on their own. Every tune is loaded with ear candy and enough shifts and transformations to hold up in any setting. This is a big leap from Sciahri's last EP and a path towards the wilder frontiers of his Unknot project.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Eremite A2 Ambiguity B1 Sublunar B2 Paranoia