Moomin - Aquarama

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  • Moomin makes consistently smooth house music. On Aquarama, he uses acid loops, big kicks and scalpel-sharp hi-hats, and yet the effect is more mesmerizing than abrasive. The richness of Moomin's sound makes this possible. Chords glaze tracks like "Stotheh" and "Aquarama" like honey, and the percussion has a light yet satisfying crunch. On Aquarama, Moomin covers Peven Everett's "I Can't Believe I Loved Her," which was originally released in 2002 on Nite Grooves. The original's soulful disco feel, with its vibrant organ sounds, becomes a bit dazed. Moomin's kicks are tough, almost brutal, and yet are still smothered by a pad melody. Bass plucks give the track a nice earthiness, but neither they nor Everett's agile vocal can do much for this version's sluggishness. The balance of ingredients on "Aquarama" and "Stotheh" is better. On the former, swollen idiophone notes are draped across generous drums and simmering waves of acid, but it's the vocal, whisked into a froth, that makes the sweetness addictive. "Stotheh" is a treat, too, and its lean jazz samples benefit from restraint.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Aquarama B1 Peven Everett - I Can't Believe I Loved Her (Moomin Version) B2 Stotheh