Babyfather - Meditation

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  • In the wake of Hype Williams, Dean Blunt has seemed to play on his newfound solo status. Albums The Redeemer and Black Metal placed a strong emphasis on Blunt's own voice and riffed on the most solitary musical mode going, that of the confessional singer-songwriter. His latest project, led by one "DJ Escrow" and featuring production work from Arca, has a different dynamic. Babyfather's debut single, "Meditation," is in some respects a familiar Dean Blunt track, and in others it's anything but. First the familiar. Blunt's squat couplets remain the focus, jostling with bits of sampled dialogue (London accents: check, disturbing undertones of aggression: check). His lyrics cover familiar themes: weed and alcohol, race ("get these white girls out of my home"), and a probably-ironic comment on the burdens of fame ("Everyone got a question for us / Can't they give a nigga privacy?"). The instrumental ticking away behind him, though, is unusually slick. A few skilfully mangled baby cries feel like Arca asserting his presence; the crisp drums, and the smooth filter sweep by which they make their exit, work wonderfully. (They leave behind the sound of somebody lighting a spliff, naturally.) As if to remind us that Blunt's no longer the main draw, the single comes with a vocal-less version. The beat—loping, hypnotic and pretty much dubstep—deserves the second airing.
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      A Meditation B Meditation (Instrumental)