Atlus - Zopiclone

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  • Mister Saturday Night has a knack for picking great tunes from unknowns. Hank Jackson, General Ludd and Anthony Naples have all been responsible for corkers discovered by the New York label. Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin have done it again with Zopiclone, an EP from Atlus, an alias of Glaswegian producer Denis Sulta, who scored a sizeable hit with last year's "It's Only Real" on Numbers. His debut EP for Mister Saturday Night is characteristic of the label in more ways than one, tapping into its core duality, where strains of disco rub elbows with raw techno. "Zopiclone" is among the strongest tracks in the Mister Saturday Night catalogue. There's a whiff of "Psychotic Photosynthesis" in the track's upbeat synth lead and the way it seems to go on forever. Subtly shifting every few bars, it's a spacey journey from wormhole to wormhole, taking us to places both hectic and calming—the kind of techno track that's enthralling for all eight minutes. The flipside, "Gum," has a completely different style. It's a jerky, disco-informed track cobbled together from chanted vocals and funky rhythm guitar. Thanks to the whomping kick drum, however, it packs more oomph than your usual disco track: where most sample-heavy grooves like these tend to smooth things out, this one brings out the edges. The EP is rounded off by an interlude that doesn't make much of an impression, but its two meatier tracks, especially "Zopiclone," will linger long in the mind. Debuting on Mister Saturday Night has almost become a rite of passage, and with stuff this strong, Atlus might follow the success of label-mates like Anthony Naples.
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      A1 Gum B1 A Little More Time B2 Zopiclone