Blacksea Não Maya - Calor No Frioo

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  • To cap off a banner year, Príncipe ended the label's 2015 run with two records, including the return of North Lisbon kuduro crew Blacksea Não Mayo. The three producers—two brothers in their early 20s, DJ Kolt and DJ Noronha, and the 17-year-old DJ Perigoso—all contributed solo tracks to B.N.M. / P.D.D.G back in 2013, but collaboration is what drives Calor No Frioo. Mixing and matching their talents fosters a strong eclecticism across these six rhythmically dense productions, though the young DJ Perigoso dominates the EP with five appearances and the only solo outing. His dizzying "MacoBayou" is among the record's best, and might reveal where the trio gets some of their rich atmosphere and swift dynamics. As heard on "Afro," a contribution to Warp's CARGAA 1 compilation, Blacksea Não Maya have a soft spot for melody and emotive undercurrents. Calor No Frioo benefits from flexing that muscle. It's the driving force behind "We Send This," a fidgety anthem of sorts that features the core trio with former collaborator DJ Joker. BNM made a video for the song, and as in those visuals, it's easy to envision the euphoric sample cut-ups and poignant synth lines marking the high point of a long night out with friends. DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso's moon-lit "Assabakuse" makes great use of melody, too, but holds back the emotion and tonal range for a more mysterious effect. On "Perseguição," the pair does Príncipe's riotous, atonal beat melee with expectedly wild abandon, which DJ Noronha & DJ Kolt's "Batidongoo" can't quite match. Closing out the B-side is the more traditional shuffle of "Comandante Em Chefe," a fine club track whose approach feels somewhat out of place on an otherwise progressive EP.
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      A1 DJ Kolt & DJ Noronha - Batidongoo A2 DJ Perigoso - MacoBayou A3 DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso - Assabakuse B1 DJ Joker, DJ Kolt, DJ Noronha & DJ Perigoso - We Send This B2 DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso - Perseguição B3 DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso -Comandante Em Chefe