Exhibitionist mixed by Jeff Mills

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  • What can be said about Jeff Mills that hasn't been said already? Plenty actually, as Exhibitionist is the first mix CD he's released in eight years. And when you think how the compilation market was in 1996 you being to realise what a lifetime that is. The CD is accompanied by a DVD, which on this evidence ought to be well worth watching. Three decks, mixed live, 45 tracks - no chance of getting bored here! And Mill's mixing sounds so fresh and inventive he reels you in and has you hooked. A good number of these tracks are from his own Axis label, but there are some notable surprises, for instance the string-laden chords of Alan Barratt's 'Zulu Nation Part IX', or the Latino beats of Victor Simonelli's 'Bateria'. The moody sound of Oscar Mulero's 'B2 From CR007' is more what I would have associated with Mills, rather than the lazy trumpet of Danilo Vigorito's 'Knap'. One drawback with Exhibitionist is the speed with which it moves - barely has a track had time to get going then it's on to the next one. However this also proves to be a huge advantage in this tour de force of mixing, Mills keeping a tight control on his material and somehow making it all hang together coherently. A mix that demands to be heard, even if it might make some of you techno DJs weep over your headphones!