Abdulla Rashim - A Shell Of Speed

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  • There's little doubt that deep, introspective techno is what Stockholm crew Northern Electronics does best. Every once in a while, though, they drop a banger. The latest lands on A Shell Of Speed, a double-EP from label founder Abdulla Rashim. The title track—a polished, acidic dance floor bomb—is what should have most people reaching for the release. It may well be Rashim's most high-impact original solo effort to date, and a welcomed entry into the rave canon after years of dishing out mellower sounds. "A Shell Of Speed" was first revealed during the final stages of Function's Berghain 07, and was a standout selection on a standout mix. It recalls a few similar high-definition bombs, not least Svreca's "Mountain Splitter" from earlier this year. Both can leave a lasting impression on clubbers, with the potential, if used wisely, to be defining tracks of the night. This makes A Shell Of Speed a must-buy for techno DJs. The rest of A Shell Of Speed comprises percussive deep techno in the tried-and-tested Northern Electronics style. "Red Pool" and "Crossing Qalandiya" are particularly heady, both built with chugging low-end and stuttering rhythms, and sprinkled with a collage of spacey sounds. "Ador Tracers" is more upbeat, and perhaps the second-furthest thing from deep techno in the package. It gives off an intangible punkish feel that's hard to attribute to a particular element, but probably has to do with its clanging drums and what sounds like vocals reverbed into oblivion. The past few years have seen Rashim become something of a background figure, stepping into the shadows while the likes of Varg and Acronym garner attention from techno circles. Packages like A Shell Of Speed remind us that he's still a deep techno master with plenty to say.
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      A1 Ultimate Reality A2 A Shell of Speed B1 Scania Floods B2 Ador Tracers C1 Separation of Senses C2 Red Pool D1 Crossing Qalandiya D2 Internal Fall