Omar Souleyman - Heli Yuweli

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  • Somewhere on the Venn diagram of the underground, Syrian wedding singer Omar Souleyman, cult skatewear brand Palace, and London label The Trilogy Tapes overlap: people who listen to unconventional music and wear unconventional clothing. Palace and The Trilogy Tapes' branding is so strong, you imagine their record with Souleyman would sell out even if the music was terrible. But in fact Heli Yuweli is a great release. Souleyman's vocals are strong and assured on the title track, supported by traditional dabke instruments like the mijwiz, oud and tablas. As with most of Souleyman's music, the song is celebratory and undeniably danceable. Anonymous duo Rezzett, a Trilogy Tapes staple, lure "Heli Yuweli" into their hazy techno lair. Their remix filters and distorts the original vocals, adding a blown-out bassline, a bouncing synth melody and flanging claps. And all the while Rezzett retain dabke's core elements. The aptly named "Rerezz" version of "Heli Yuweli" is a standout—more suited to a spliff session than a wedding reception. The original is made to sound as if it's playing in a nearby room, reduced to near-static noise, with a gauzy melody disrupted by rhythmic cymbals. Considering the dark, melancholic Legowelt remix on his last LP, Souleyman could do with more bizarre remixes of his original songs. Rezzett is known for their own thumping, distorted techno productions, but their work on this B-side makes it seem like the pair could remix just about anything.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Heli Yuweli B1 Heli Yuweli (Rezzett Remix) B2 Heli Yuweli (Rezzett Rerezz)