Various - Banoffee Pies World Series 001

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  • Bristol's Banoffee Pies has been something of a specialist compilations label up to now, with Mark Nicholas's Sacred Space LP as the only break in a stream of them that have largely collected jazzy deep house fare by the likes of Ruf Dug, Admin and Christian Jay. The "World Series" title has recently become associated with the EP series from Glasgow's Highlife crew, but where those records involved travelling to other countries and working with local musicians, Banoffee Pies' own World Series simply releases tracks by producers from various far-flung places. The artists Banoffee Pies work with are fairly similar to Highlife's collaborators, however. Basel-based Turkish producer Mehmet Aslan, who has worked with Highlife in the past, provides 001's two standouts tracks under his MMT alias. "Pangaea Flute" is an intoxicating mix of the titular instrument, a generous piano-house melody and an exotic vocal duet. Better still is "Ton-A-Ton," which hits on a particularly propulsive and airy feel with similar ingredients. The goodtime Afrohouse clatter of Philou Louzolo's "Afrofuturism Dance" and the DJ Nature-indebted "History Of Black People" by Wendel Sield are solid support to the strong B-side.
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      A1 Philou Louzolo - Afrofuturism Dance A2 Wendel Sield - History Of Black People B1 MMT - Pangaea Flute B2 MMT - Ton-A-Ton (Cilli Bom)