Kamikaze Space Programme - Ballard

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  • Like most Kamikaze Space Programme records, Ballard is as stormy and rugged as they come, with equal attention to bespoke sound design and raw electronic noise. Bristolian Christopher Jarman returns to Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver label to follow his Concrete Musique EP, and switches that music's sample-heavy approach for something more conceptual. This 12-inch is said to be inspired by "the chilling techno-criticism and dystopian visions of the late J.G. Ballard's fiction." Whether or not you could sense that from Jarman's depraved bangers doesn't matter—everything is secondary to the havoc they can wreak on a dance floor. All atonal modulars and industrial thrust, A-side tracks "High Rise" and "Low Flying Aircraft" should resonate with anyone enamored by the cacophonous rattle on Blawan's TERNESC EPs, especially the groovy A2. They're not the most remarkable productions for it, powerful as they sound. Thankfully, the B-side does the trick. "Concrete Island" is something else entirely, a lumbering techno bomb with the depth and tension of the apocalyptic sci-fi that inspired it. If you only need one reason to nab Ballard, "Concrete Island" is it, but "Day Of Creation" is an excellent bonus. With its quiet pad melodies and soft-plinking arps, "Day Of Creation" is the prettiest KSP is likely to get, but of course a punishing beat carries the mix.
  • Tracklist
      A1 High Rise A2 Low Flying Aircraft B1 Concrete Island B2 Day Of Creation