Shanti Celeste & Funkineven - SSS

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  • Bristol's Shanti Celeste initially made a name for herself with sun-kissed house records, many of them, such as "Days Like This" and "On My Own," crowned by her own summery vocals. On her recent Alma EP for Secretsundaze, however, she explored a more introverted sound. Closing track "Sun" took on a UR-style electro vibe that she revisits on this single for Funkineven's Apron label. At the most exposed moments of "SSS," the muscular, croaking bassline brings the track a turn-of-the-century Cybernetic Broadcasting System feel. Anyone acquainted with Celeste's oeuvre will know she never keeps things stark for long, and sure enough, the sparkling keys and enveloping pads from the intro filter back into the mix. Funkineven's "90s Cut" rework has a swooning jazz-techno ambience. It opens in soft-focus style, before a swell of percussion and a loungey yet club-ready bassline add momentum to the mix. Celeste's assured original is the pick, but Funkineven's version more than holds its own.
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      A Shanti Celeste - SSS (OG Cut) B FunkinEven - SSS (90s Cut)