SDC - Correlation #3

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  • Space Dimension Controller has never been afraid of going big, and his 2013 LP, an extensive sci-fi epic called Welcome To Microsektor-50, marked the pinnacle of his ambitions. Since then the producer has focused on the humbler Correlation series, which sets aside the campy hi-jinks in favour of a more straightforwardly beautiful style. Even so, he can't help giving his music space opera dimensions. "The Trails You Left Behind," the cosmic slow-burner that opens Correlation #3, spends long minutes in blissful suspense during its extended intro and breakdown. Somewhere in between we settle on a luxurious house groove that feels like it might just bump along for eternity. Elsewhere things get conciser and stranger. SDC's beloved space-funk squelch animates the downtempo "The Nova Report," while the febrile breakbeats of "Scatter Scanners" worry away at an odd triplet groove. The latter's collision of John Carpenter pomp and contemporary production techniques is very Kuedo. Peak intensity is reached on "Galactic Insurgents," a Drexciyan electro number destined to accompany a slick hovercar chase scene. SDC's good at these sorts of conceits, but he's better when not trying to score the Philip K. Dick film adaptation in his head.
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      A1 The Trails You Left Behind A2 The Nova Report B1 Galactic Insurgents B2 Scatter Scanners