Frits Wentink ­- Horses In Cornfield

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  • Remember that scene from Napoleon Dynamite where he unleashes his flippin' sweet moves in front of the whole school? He's reserved at first—eyes glued to the floor, head nodding gently to the music ("Canned Heat"), hands stuffed in front trouser pockets. There's a twitch of leg movement, the crowd aren't impressed. And then he's off, heeded by Jamiroquai's words of having nothing left to do but dance. It was a liberating moment for awkward teens everywhere, and it ended with a standing ovation. The lesson? Be bold, don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks, and enjoy yourself. In a way, Frits Wentink is Napoleon Dynamite, and for his own Bobby Donny label he's not holding anything back. As Frits Wentink, Steve Mensink has maintained a quirky house sound for Triphouse Rotterdam, Wolf Music Recordings and others. It was music with personality, packaged in humorous track titles and delivered squarely with a tongue in its cheek. From the outside it could all be perceived as a bit of a joke (albeit a clever one) which Mensink is fully running with now that he's holding the reins. The music being what it is—deliberately "wrong" house—I can't help but feel like there's something subversive going on. And I like it. Horses In Cornfield is Mensink's second release for the label and it's wobbling home drunk from the same party as SAN2. The bass is squidgy, the pace is swinging and there's a whiff of wonky soul in the air on "Horses In Cornfield" and "Man At Parade." "Girls In Matching Bathing Suits" is a modern ballad that's been stretched over booming kicks and played back through a gramophone to wear it out a bit. "Bouquet At Rest" uses this same aged-record motif, only now we've got a deep house track with some heavy-handed filtering that sounds more rooted in hip-hop, with its choppy cut 'n' paste style. Overall, Horses In Cornfield is a hands-out-the-pockets move you have to applaud.
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      A! Horses In Cornfield A2 Girls In Matching Bathing Suits B1 Man At Parade B2 Bouquet At Rest