Luca Lozano - Gun Fingers EP

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  • Luca Lozano's prolific release schedule sometimes work against him. Having dropped eight EPs in the last 18 months or so, his most impressive moments are inevitably accompanied by a share of middling or disappointing ones. Gun Fingers, the Berlin-based Brit's first EP for Hypercolour, largely falls into the latter category. The record's competence and streaks of charisma are hamstrung by a lack of genuine spark. The title track begins on a promising note, as a sturdy kick and febrile snare shuffle underpin hovering pads and a tough bass groove. Nothing much else happens for what's left of the track, however. "Calling All Dancers" is better, and pays tribute to Lozano's beloved early Warp 12-inches with a Sweet Exorcist-style bleep melody, which gently punctures the bassy, propulsive scene midway through. The vinyl includes two remixes of "Gun Fingers" from DJ Sotofett. The pick is his "Massive Mix," as it improves on the original with doomy weight and atmosphere. The "Gun Redouble Riddim" version is a whirring, frantic drum tool that'll be of value to DJs.
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      A1 Gun Fingers A2 Calling All Dancers B1 Gurn Fingers Massive Mix By DJ Sotofett B2 DJ Sotofett's Gurn Redouble Riddim