Vinalog - Perspectives

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  • EMG and LiveJam's John Swing have taken their collaborative project, Vinalog, in all sorts of directions across ten or so releases. The uniting quality throughout has been a grainy, live sound. That's once again evident on the vinyl-only Perspectives, on which the pair tackle more bruising, analogue house. Built on dusty drums and a vocal motif with almost as much muscle as the central acid line, the ten-minute "Addiction" crackles and swings with such intensity that it still doesn't feel long enough. The flipside starts with an "Unreleased Mix" of the much-loved "Disco 12" from 2011, the original of which was a rolling, slightly spooky piece of hi-hat-driven house. This version is surprisingly loungey and funk-influenced, but its soft-focus keys and louche bass still come with a side of live drums. "Back To The Front" finishes the EP on a darker note. Its menacing waves of bass and stark drum echoes are leavened only a shade by the kind of hip-hop sample we've heard Swing do great things with many times before.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Addiction B1 Addiction (Disco 12" Unreleased Mix) B2 Back To The Front