Shift Work - Document II

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  • Mark Harris, a co-founder of Factory Floor who has now left the group, clearly named his new project with his old one in mind. Shift Work's Document II, as with its Optimo Music 12-inch from last summer, finds the duo pushing all manner of familiar Factory Floor buttons—obscured vocals, cinder block-heavy bass jabs, relentless repetition—with plenty of creative vim. Of Document II's originals, the lively "SBFM" stands out, with its steel-plated bass groove surrounded by croaking vocals, thick melody and the clip-clop of bongos. Factory Floor themselves remix the track, and lightly dust its vocal over an otherwise unrecognisable plateau of humid keys and percussion. "Abandoned Hands" is difficult by comparison. The track's jarring array of ingredients tumble and collide over each other, which is interesting but doesn't excite like "SBFM." DVA Damas flattens "Abandoned Hands" on their rework, with only isolated vocal curls left sticking out of a murmuring, tranquillised mix. The package has a vinyl-only "hidden" track called "Chambers," which comes across like a glowing curio from a cold-wave compilation. It's far from the afterthought its placement might imply.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Abandoned Hands A2 Abandoned Hands (DVS Damas Remix) B1 SBFM B2 SBFM (Factory Floor Remix)