TCB - Rather Happy Songs

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  • In the couple of years since they wound up Arto Mwambe, Phillip Lauer's projects have received more attention than Chris Beißwenger's, but Beißwenger's primary outlet, The Citizen's Band, has been just as rewarding to keep tabs on. Following EPs for Live At Robert and a clutch of other labels, Rather Happy Songs is Beiswengerm's first appearance on House Is OK. It finds him further exploring the same spacey, circa-120 BPM sweet spot that much of his previous TCB material has inhabited. "Uptown Slice," like many things Beißwenger has released, is a study in gradually unfolding regality. A two-note bass pulse opens things in lieu of a regular intro and, with the help of elastic synth lines and gently echoing drums, drives the track forward in stages. "Excerpt" is a reasonably close counterpart, its rumbling bass flecked by chimes that almost sound christmassy. "Z-Gnal" has another linear array of keys and pads, but its more prominent kicks and serrated effects give it a feeling of urgency that's (deliberately) missing elsewhere. Roman Flügel completes a very solid package with a remix of an unreleased track called "Second Touch" that expertly balances warm background textures with sparkling arps.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Uptown Slice A2 Z-Gnal B1 2nd Touch (Roman Flügel remix) B2 Excerpt