Dusky - Parakeet Feet Remixes

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  • Dusky have tugged their big-room house sound in a few different directions over the years. "Parakeet Feet," from this summer's Ordinary World EP, is one of their most techno-focused tracks, with an aqueous, bleepy synth squirming around rolling bass and simple vocal loops. These two tracks comprise the second Ordinary World remix package, after Tom Middleton's Global Communications resurfaced in September to take on "Skin Deep." The remixers here are almost as unexpected: Bristol's Hodge and London veteran Jerome Hill. Hodge unsurprisingly dials back the original's eager-to-please elements. His version is spare and booming, with warlike kicks and snares taking centre stage alongside growls and low-register chimes that sound like they're counting down to something ominous. Hill's version is straightforward acid, but the 303 line is more than muscular enough to hold the attention. Remix packages live and die by their contributors' ability to put a fresh slant on the source material, and by those measures this one is a success.
  • Tracklist
      A Parakeet Feet (Hodge Remix) B Parakeet Feet (Jerome Hill Remix)