Red Axes - Sabor

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  • As Red Axes records go, Sabor is among the duo's most accessible. There's no sign of the brittle Barnt-isms of Pil Sagol or the no wave shuffle of Xen's Bells, which they co-produced. But Sabor carries the duo's contrarian streak: it's a summer record that arrived at the start of December. Singer Abrao, a regular collaborator, coats "Sabor"'s sleepy bells, flutes and chimes in a soothing balm. There are gentle swells of grand piano, shimmying off-beats, and small bass rubs that nuzzle intimately into "Sabor." In its understated way, it feels like a "big" dance floor record—one so heartfelt that it works overtime to make yours swell. Isolée's remix of "Sabor" condenses the original's idiophonic sparkle into a moodier (and seasonally appropriate) rhythmic stretch. Abrao's lullabying is more exposed against Isolée's brass bassline, but it still glows with the warmth of a just-kindled fire.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Sabor feat. Abrao A2 Sabor (Instrumental) B1 Sabor feat. Abrao (Isolée Remix)