Tale Of Us - North Star / Silent Space

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  • Tale Of Us are prolific touring DJs and remixers, so it's no surprise their original tracks are more sporadic these days. This owes something to what Will Lynch once called Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri's "obsessive quality control," and the showroom gleam of their productions reflects this painstaking approach. However, some of Tale Of Us's music leaves me cold, and I've been trying to figure out why. It often taps into the same icy wavelengths as Levon Vincent, but where the New Yorker fixes his unerring gaze on a single loop, Tale Of Us noodle extravagantly over theirs. On the duo's first R&S 12-inch, "North Star" is imbued with their signature theatrics, but its contorting synth melody never gels with the stout tech-house rhythm. The beat ploughs on steadily without reciprocating the gymnastic bend and stretch of Conte and Milleri's jamming. "Silent Space," co-produced by Boddika and Joy O, reins in some of this excess, and it's noticeably better for it. A monotonous sonar bleep is as elaborate as it gets, but the pair still wring drama from "Silent Space"'s tunnel-vision focus, accented only by flakes of white noise and static.
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      A North Star B Silent Space