rRoxymore - Tautologies EP

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  • Tautologies, the second solo EP from Berlin's rRoxymore, has a wide reach and perhaps an even wider appeal. The Paula Temple and Planningtorock collaborator has honed her dance-focused live electronics for three distinctive tracks: "Darksun" and its inky techno on the A-side, with a couple shades of house taking up the B-side. Not only does rRoxymore forge a few heady grooves on Tautologies, she keeps them planted on the leftfield fringe with streaks of psychedelia and wonky sound design. The skipping beat of "DFF" is dead set on moving your body from side to side, but its mystic mess of synths and FX are more interested in lifting your head off the physical plane. More or less the same goes for "Darksun" and "Q19," though the latter's smoky deep house is a far cry from the other's wily mechanizations. Tautologies works remarkably well as a package because of the producer's dedication to fluid rhythms no matter the style. There's nothing all that flashy about these three jams, and there certainly doesn't need to be—this is inspired dance music wrought by unflinching hands and a curious mind.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Darksun B1 Q19 B2 DFF