Ansome - The White Horse

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  • The White Horse is Ansome's debut on Perc Trax. Given his youth, it's reasonable to assume that the label played a large part in his conversion to industrial techno. He certainly shares a grim, distinctly British sensibility with the likes of Perc. (Both must have been tickled pink by the EP's eye-catching artwork, which comes courtesy of tattoo artist Liam Sparkes.) Ansome's music is low on melody, dramatic structuring or any great surprises. Sometimes, like on the serviceably dank opener, "Hang Dawg," the relentless linear churn borders on dreary. But it's the producer's textural control that redeems him. In these times of industrial techno bounty, it's easy to simply crank up the saturation and hope for the best; Ansome's grizzled sonics feel more imaginative. On "Garrison," shrieks are shredded and crumbled like wet newspaper, until, by the midpoint, only a few soggy scraps remain. "The White Horse"'s decaying percussion is harried by an eardrum-tickling midrange buzz, and "Dave The Rave" strikes a particularly fine balance between distorted mulch and bare muscle. Ansome's tracks are nothing if not functional, but that last one is particularly banging.
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      A1 Hang Dawg A2 The White Horse B1 Garrison B2 Dave The Rave