Octo Octa - Further Trips

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  • Brooklyn-based producer Michael Morrison has a knack for wistful, driving house, which he's made clear on his 100% Silk releases and DJ mixes. His last release as Octo Octa, February's More Times EP for Running Back, is a good primer for his first Deepblak 12-inch, as glowing atmosphere and unwavering propulsion have once again returned to the fore. "Body Drift" blends sturdy bass jabs and big, drifting chords with filtered vocal flecks in its satisfying brew. "Future Out" is Morrison in full bliss-out mode, but under its early-'90s Warp pads there's still that driving undercurrent that seems to move everything he produces. The flip starts out with a bump on "Keep," which trades in silky-smooth linearity for bass-driven, club-ready bounce. It doesn't make quite the same impact as closer "House Of Snakes," however. That one rests on an instantly memorable synth line, taking us back to the deeply atmospheric house that Morrison works so well with.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Body Drift A2 Further Out B1 Keep B2 House Of Snakes