Clavis - Banza

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  • Clavis is a collaboration from German producers Manuel Tur and Adrian, AKA Urban Absolutes of Paskal & Urban Absolutes. Their first record together, Banza, is uncluttered and excellent, with warming deep house structures overlaid by simple, beautiful surface ingredients. The title track starts on a thick bass roll but only gets going after a rattlesnake snare flourish. Latin-touched percussion dominates the mix, peppering its foreground in the same way high synths do in a number of Tur's best tracks. On the flip, "Mirzoza's Dream" is prettier and just as enlivening. Its low-register piano line is a delight, and feels earned once it fully kicks in. Kuniyuki's remix of the track doesn't improve on the gorgeous original. While keeping much of the piano and adding some spacey features, however, his version unfurls into blissful, sparky deep house.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Banza B2 Mirzozas Dream B1 Mirzozas Dream (Kuniyuki Remix)