Aphrohead - Grown Man Cryy

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  • "Grown Man Cryy" is a song from Felix Stalling Jr's Resurrection, an aptly-titled album that gives his Aphrohead project a dust-down after more than a decade in the attic. It's a more convenient name for Grown Man Cryy's house and techno hybrids than his Felix Da Housecat alias, which—perhaps as the Aphrohead moniker once did—these days feels very much of its time. Like a lot of Resurrection, "Grown Man Cry" is as tracky as dance music gets, but within those confines it bears some of the prickly, somewhat awkward playfulness of Stalling's best Aphrohead material. The vocal is improvised and pitched high in the mix, asking, "Have you ever seen a grown man cry?" Later it says, "Fuckin' club is wet." Tip-toeing around boulder-sized drums, a crackly Mos Def sample repeats Stalling's own question with a more desperate refrain. The title of Carl Craig's remix, "Brainy Grimlin," is mercifully not its most interesting feature. It borrows some of the toxic synth drone of his ubiquitous "Falling Down" rework, but in place of Theo Parrish's spiralling Rhodes, we get a smart arpeggio that bleeps and bops its way around an airy beat. By falling into their old routines, somehow both producers sound refreshed.
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      A Grown Man Cryy B Grown Man Cryy (Carl Craig's Brainy Grimlin Remix)