The Youngsters – Place, Race & Face

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  • The very impressive Youngsters return to their beloved F-Communications imprint with a quality release in Place, Red & Face. Agoria also turn in a pretty impressive remix on top of the Youngsters Remix on the a-side. The Youngsters Remix is a very energetic cut from the word go with a solid tune. Driving synth based groove unite with a simply addictive melodic hook, while filtered drowned out vocals tide the production nicely. Eerie atmospheric wails also feature, as the beats pound for the most part, and old style synth rolls maintain the impressive outlook of this great dancefloor track. The Agoria Mix on the flip is what you should expect, tough and dirty from the word go. Chunky filthy synths filter in and out, while the track slows and speeds up adding to the messy and pure madness of this remix. The beats pound, the vocal makes slight impact, and the filtered effects all add to this classic Agoria rework. Expect one of their most evil moments in the remix. I really like this release. It’s tough and made for really late night moments. Sometimes you can’t help but feel like listening to tracks like these.