Hunter/Game - Speicher 87

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  • Hunter/Game's increasing appearances on Kompakt should come as no surprise. The Italian duo's recent work—including Speicher 83 and their remix of Weval's "Gimme Some" on Total 15—has been marked by a willingness to skew their already warm, gauzy sound for Michael Mayer's label. "Adaptation" is stretched over the sort of thermal bass spine that scores of beloved Kompakt records are built on. The track's surface is pure Hunter/Game, though, with regal keys and the odd snare crash adding touches of drama. "The Path" is a more subterranean beast—its seasick low-end weaves through brickbat drums and grainy, insectine buzzing. Hunter/Game don't normally offer many surprises, but they do what they do well. Fans should have few complaints about Speicher 87.
  • Tracklist
      A Adaptation B The Path