Benoit & Sergio - House With 500 Rooms

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  • Here are a few of the lyrics in Benoit & Sergio's "House With 500 Rooms": "My house is bigger than your house," "My house is deeper than your house," "Your diva house, your Swedish house." So, yeah, get ready to hear the word "house" repeatedly on the multi-national pair's Leftroom Limited single, unless of course it's the "Dub" version. As such, enjoying this track could hinge greatly on just how tongue-in-cheek you can take your dance music. But if you get past the falsetto refrains, or happen to find them endearing in a mid-2000s nu-disco kind of way, "House With 500 Rooms" is a fine bit of carefree, funky house with swells of infectious energy. Easier still is the B-side dub, where Benoit & Sergio's high-stepping groove gets the full attention it deserves. The seven-minute jaunt smears delayed vocals into the corners between parallel piano and bass riffs, subtle organ chords, light percussion and a slow-filtered synth, giving it all some trippy tension. It doesn't have the same dynamic dropouts or surges of hands-in-the-air exhilaration as the original, but those cheeseball vocals aren't there either.
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      A House With 500 Rooms B House With 500 Rooms (Dub)