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  • Continuing the thread of greyscale techno running through two 12-inches on his Brack label, BNJMN's Skur EP inaugurates Crème Organization sublabel Jericho One with four new tracks. This time, though, the Berlin producer's usual gritty atmospheres and melodic daze are all but dissolved, resulting in an uncharacteristic hard-edged and clearheaded sound. "Herz" comes closest to linking the record with BNJMN's previous work, and the ghostly discord and anxious synth whispers help its mechanical churn stand out from the pack. The high-energy "Nommo" has its similarities, too, but is a more distinctive take on the sound BNJMN has been carving out recently. He uses a basic 4/4 structure to anchor his rhythmic sample play and scattered synth notes for a deep, hypnotic effect. And once that syrupy bassline swells into view, "Nommo" sounds like BNJMN finding his new place in the technosphere. "Skur" and "Hydrofoil" are both peculiar, engaging productions. They'll surely do some damage to a dance floor (the title track especially), but they seem connected to the BNJMN catalog in name alone. This is less a negative observation than a notable fact—don't pick up Skur looking for the dreamy, melodically rich stuff BNJMN came up on, or even a sequel to his Brack records. He seems to be on a tangent without any discernible endpoint, but with such capable hands grasping at all these possibilities it should be worth sticking around to see what happens.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Skur A2 Herz B1 Nommo B2 Hydrofoil