Shlomi Aber - Takeover / Street Works

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  • When a label can be so bold as to pair Source Direct with Demdike Stare and Blawan (and get away with it) in between records from Redshape, Eduardo De La Calle and Somne, it's time to just accept whatever they do next. Rather than simply live up to its name, Nonplus delivers with a consistency that goes beyond tempos, genres and individual artists. Cue Shlomi Aber's entry into the fold. The Israeli's tough take on tech house has made him a regular on the likes of Ovum and Renaissance (outside of his own Be As One label), but don't pass judgement yet—"Takeover" is Nonplus through and through. In the vocal loop and generally threatening demeanour resonates Boddika, Joy Orbison and some of the hits they've concocted together. But Shlomi Aber hasn't denied his roots altogether here: there are tech house allusions, all beefed up and made to carry a weapon. It's a mean track, bossy and overbearing, too—just "don't fucking screw up." On the B-side, "Street Works" is less of an affront, a dark, itchy house number that rolls with little fuss.
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      A1 Takeover B1 Street Works