DHS - Holofonic Cuts

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  • Prior to unveiling his work for My Own Jupiter, Ben Stokes' DHS (Dimensional Holofonic Sound) project was dormant for well over a decade. Many will be familiar with him through the rave hit "House Of God," a relatively conventional track in contrast to his diverse other output. He specialises in trippy breakbeats and mind-bending acid, and it's a perfect fit for this Berlin-based label. "From Outerspace" is the main attraction here. The track had a previous outing on a rare 1997 vinyl, and has been a highlight in the esoteric DJ sets of label head Nicolas Lutz and many of his contemporaries for some time. Thrust along by a powerful kick, it moves playfully through everything from fairground noises to UFO sounds. Things really get going about halfway through, as frantic screams fly over a plodding bassline, striking a brilliant balance between the freaky and the danceable. The momentum keeps going in a similar vein on "DHS Theme 2014," with squelchy acid stabs filling the gaps between DHS's robotic vocals. Rounding things off is "Voodoo Breaks," which is a less rousing percussive workout that still holds interest.
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      A1 From Outerspace B1 DHS Theme 2014 B2 Voodoo Breaks
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