Tensnake - In The End (Remixes)

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  • The generous size of Running Back's Tensnake remix package says a lot about the status that In The End (I Want You To Cry) has in the label's catalogue. It also speaks to the pliable nature of Marco Niemerski's source material. "Holding Back (My Love)," which most of these remixes mine for new ideas, is full of little sonic treats: the rubbery snaps perhaps inspired by David Joseph's "You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)," the cowbells that twinkle every four bars and that bassline under the drums, which suddenly breaks cover and zig-zags across the beat. For any remixer worth their salt, there's plenty to work with here. Tiger & Woods' take on "Holding Back (My Love)" jettisons the wistful traces of Tensnake's synth line, going for full-on happiness. Its ten-minute length and the delayed piano-sprinkled crescendo make it seem a little too pleased with itself, but it eventually becomes quite charming. Other remixes of "Holding Back (My Love)" chisel off Niemerski's decorative touches, resulting in leaner—and more likable—versions. Shan's "Funhouse Mix" builds around the original lead synth, while Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco spin the sinuous bassline into a ripe slice of boogie-disco. Lone and Prins Thomas go rogue by choosing other cuts from In The End (I Want You To Cry). Though Lone strikes a sombre note here or there on his nimble version of the title track, it mostly radiates with optimism. Of all the selections here, his is the most striking, if only because there are so few who sound like him. Prins Thomas's adjustments on "The Then Unknown" are relatively modest: claps and drums are jogged over the original bass notes, which are amplified a bit more here. It's graceful, and in tradition with the best Tensnake tunes, immediately enjoyable. Other remixes by Shan and DJ Oyster reach for peak-time thrills. The latter's effort ends up overdoing things by reimagining "Holding Back (My Love)" as a stomping tech-house bully, but it goes to show that the EP's more sensitive arrangements yield the best results.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Holding Back (My Love) (Tiger & Woods Remix) B1 In The End (I Want You To Cry) (Lone Remix) B2 The Then Unknown (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) C1 Holding Back (My Love) (Shan Funhouse Mix) C2 Holding Back (My Love) (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Version) D1 Holding Back (My Love) (Shan Warehouse Mix) D2 Holding Back (My Love) (DJ Oyster Mix)