Lokane - The Eastway Project

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  • This may be the first full release from London-based producer Loz Couton, aka Lokane, but he's clearly been moving in the right circles for a while. A guest (alongside Mickey Pearce) on a recent DVA & Friends Boiler Room session, his debut EP, The Eastway Project, has its roots in grime but weaves other bass music influences into the foreboding melee. The taste and execution suggest years of immersion in the London bass scene. "Shake The Gears" is the standout here, with its stuttering momentum, percussive shrapnel and doomy globules of grime bass. "Million" is a linear, higher-octane take on the opener's ingredients, while the more dubstep-indebted title track is more abstract, with asthmatic vocal shards hissing against booming low-end and discordant clicks and rattles. "The 5th" closes Couton's impressive first outing with a straightforward barrage of subs and chopped vocals, which should go down a storm at the Swamp81 nights that likely inspired The Eastway Project.
  • Tracklist
      01. Shake The Gears 02. Million 03. Eastway Project 04. The 5th