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  • Georgia's 2014 album, Like Comment, was packed with scatterbrained ideas, which makes it perfect remix material. In the usual mode of Belgian label Meakusma, this collection is both wildly imaginative and understated. The best contributions dig into the originals' dense percussive grids, coming out with strange new rhythmic shapes. RVNG Intl. boss Matt Werth, on a rare production outing, betrays the influence of his label's recent Savant reissue; his "Gone Fishin'" mix of "Abstract High" is machine-like post-punk of a similar stripe. PAN/Deepblak beatsmith Afrikan Sciences slips into the gaps between the grid on his deranged mix of "Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi Goes To The Market." Its beat patterns zip past in gooey disarray, as if they're half-finished specimens flying off a pottery wheel. Elsewhere, things settle down a bit. New York's Bryce Hackford turns in a carefree house version of "Nu-Way Heat," the EP's most straightforward pleasure. Rub-N-Tug's Tom Of England, here under the guise Tom Of Georgia, pulls apart "Haya" to uncover a sparse, pensive loop piece. (Compared to its companions, the track's arctic synths and thoughtful guitar noodling feel a bit tame.) Georgia themselves tie the whole thing together with two tracks of their own. The first "Bridge" is an off-colour synth number with lewd guitar twangs, and the second sounds like three Jan Garbarek records stacked onto one another. They're fitting icing on an exceedingly strange cake.
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      A1 Bryce Hackford - Nu-Way Heat (P N SS M NI A Mix) A2 RVNG Intl. - Abstract High (Gone Fishin' Mix) A3 Georgia - Bridge 1 B1 Afrikan Sciences - Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi's Triumphant Return B2 Tom Of Georgia - Haya (She Drives An Ambulance Mix) B3 Georgia - Bridge 2