Unknown - Paling Trax 1

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  • First, a little Dutch history-linguistic lesson. The word "paling" means eel, and when smoked, it is considered a bit of delicacy in Holland. It also refers to a classic style of pop music that came to prominence during the '70s, originating exclusively from a single harbour village in the North of Holland, called Volendam. "Palingsound" (as it's called) is a huge thing—in Holland, anyways‚ but it's not clear what it means here. What we know about this record is that it's a new venture from Rotterdam. A little internet snooping reveals the artist responsible to purportedly be a respected DJ in the city's underground techno scene. Amsterdam's rough-and-ready sparring partner has long since moved on from the gabber heydays, and though it's still no match for the sheer glut of electronic music available in the Dutch capital, Rotterdam has contended by keeping its head down and not really giving a damn. It's the kind of attitude that comes through on Paling Trax 1: no track names or frills, just jacking techno with a hefty dose of gritty, ghetto spirit. The A-side opener feels like it's been taken out of a deep freeze, with crisp, piercing details. Then we get a squelchy electro-techno build before things take an acid turn on the flip. The first tune is a classically vintage number, after which the ghetto-house kicks in to close with another cool, fidgety acid stomper. The title implies that there's more to come, so let the new palingsound revolution begin.
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      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled B3 Untitled