Black Rain & Shapednoise - Apophis

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  • Nino Pedone has always been the noisy one of the Repitch troupe. As Shapednoise, he makes thundering, dystopic techno, and there's always something a little aggravated about it. He's most in his element making the sort of grinding electronics we've heard on his abstract long-players for Hospital Productions and Opal Tapes. Repitch itself has never strayed too far from a fairly abrasive industrial blueprint, with artists like AnD, Stave and Violet Poison all serving up fairly caustic numbers over the last year. The label's latest faction, Cosmo Rhythmatic, looks set on bringing those loud and bolshy undertones to the fore, with Pedone acting as main curator. It launched with a pack of vehement power tools from Franck Vigroux. For the second release, we see Pedone collaborate with Stuart Argabright of Ike Yard, who appears under the the revived Black Rain moniker. The guitars are back in the droning "Metal Home" (think Sunn O))) hijacked by Goblin). "Autonomous Lethality" is less forthright—it skulks around a bit before unleashing its fiery, rasping assault. Two versions of "Interceptor" make up the B-side: the unruly original, and Miles Whittaker's "Ramen Reshape," a horror-techno workout that gurgles and spits its hardcore furore.
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      A1 Metal Home A2 Autonomous Lethality B1 Interceptor (Miles Ramen Reshape) B2 Interceptor